Free Sample Lesson

“Try before you buy”


We are determined to give you the best learning experience.  That means that you need to be in the right class – the right level, the right focus and the best chemistry with the teacher and other students.

We know that it won’t necessarily be perfect immediately but if we get the starting point right, we can work on it together as you learn.

So we assess your level initially and then select the class we think is going to be best for you.  Then you come to a class for free and meet us.  Since, inevitably, everyone has differing amounts of prior knowledge and language learning experience, our teacher is constantly adjusting for the apparent needs of each student.  Sometimes you may be stretched and at other times you will refresh what you already know.  We are keen to ensure that you are not stretched too much nor overly repeating material.

After your free lesson you get to decide to continue, and then we sign you up on a rolling monthly contract.  It is that simple.

So, fill in this form and we will call you to discuss the course options and agree a date for you to try out the class.

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