How would you  cope with this abroad?

How do we get another car?

How do you say:

“My car has been washed away in a flood?

But what happened before this?

    • Did the driver not understand what was said to him by an agitated local?
    • Did he not understand a sign – or a weather forecast?

Have YOU ever been bemused by the way someone was talking in another language (with confusing arm gestures too)?

Have YOU guessed at the meaning of a notice – and been relieved to find you guessed right?

Your meal, Sir!

How do you say:

“What on earth is that !  That’s not what I wanted.  I ordered a ……”

So what happened here?

    • Was the wrong word used?
    • Or perhaps it was so badly pronounced?
    • Or is someone getting revenge for some insulting comment (made unintentionally we expect)?

So EASY to get it wrong!  Worth the effort to get it right.