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Italian – the language of lovers?

Learn to speak this wonderful language in brilliant Italian lessons in Bishops Stortford or online in your home.

Italy has a special magic for many people.

Is it for the wonderful cities, the rural landscapes, the food and wine, or perhaps the operas?  Whatever the reason now is the time to immerse yourself in the language too.

Learn Italian to be able to communicate effectively – for business, travel or social occasions.  Enjoy the highest quality Italian lessons from our teachers who just love to share their language.  Our lessons are fun, interactive and all about communicating at whatever level and in whatever context.

Learning to Speak Italian

Our focus is on helping you communicate comfortably in Italian.  The group classes are small so you get to practise and ask questions.  The atmosphere is fun, relaxed and yet really focused.  You will be with like-minded people and often the class becomes an important  part of our students’ social life.

People often ask me how long does it take to learn Italian – the impossible question!  All I can say is that we will help you get to the level you want to achieve as quickly as we can – how much work you put in and how naturally it comes are outside our control!

When can you start?

Absolute beginners should start in September or January when we begin new groups.  All others can start whenever they can – we accept people throughout the year.  Our courses are open-ended so you just stay as long as you want or until you have achieved the level you aim for. You can have brilliant Italian lessons in Bishops  Stortford or in your home with our Zoom video classrooms.


  • Daytime, evening and weekend group lessons
  • Individual coaching
  • GCSE, A-Level and IB coaching
  • Monthly Conversation Group

Online Group Course Content

Beginners’ Italian course

Learn to talk to Italians with brilliant Italian lessons

Have you completed a short beginner’s course?

Do you feel that you have only just begun to scratch the surface?  Maybe the course you took has been focused on grammar and you want to be able to speak the language?

Whilst everyone of our classes goes at its own pace so that all the students master the content,  the following is what we expect our students to be achieving:


At the end of this course you will be able to maintain a basic conversation in a restaurant or café, express likes and dislikes, tell the time, get and give directions and buy something in a shop. You will also be able to use the present tense of regular verbs confidently and some irregular verbs. Topics include: professions and nationalities, family, food and drinks, daily routine, colours and clothes.


This course starts by consolidating and expanding the contents taught in the A1 level. At the end of this course you will be able to make, accept and decline invitations, make plans for the future, advise and make recommendations and talk about your last holidays. Topics include: physical and psychological descriptions, human body and health, holidays, traditional fiestas and recipes in Italy.


This course starts by consolidating structures taught in the A2 level. At the end of this course you will be able to understand the gist of small excerpts of news bulletins and short articles from newspapers. You will also be able to express your opinion and argue using conjunctions, to speculate using the conditional, to talk about a film or a book you liked and to refer to events in the past. Topics include: entertainment, sports, travelling and the environment.

Our over-riding passion is for you to be able to communicate to others in your chosen language.    

Communication is the key – perfect grammar comes later!

What do you want to achieve?

Whether for business or pleasure we have online and face-to-face courses to help you achieve your objectives.

Beginner – Intermediate – Advanced

Whatever your level EuroMondiale courses will take you to the next stage. We have a programme of group Italian lessons at Beginner to Intermediate levels. We provide coaching for students taking GCSE and A level exams. More advanced learners benefit from individual coaching focused on their objectives.

Small group lessons

Fun of learning with others AND individual attention – our group lessons have a maximum of 8 people so you get plenty of personal attention and opportunity to practice speaking as you learn

Daytime or evening lessons – classes to suit your lifestyle

Find the right level to suit you – levels from A1 to B1 currently available.

Start when you want to – we believe language learning is a continuous process so start when you want to and continue as long as you like. We are not constrained by academic terms!

Individual Coaching

Individual Lessons are arranged to fit in with your schedule. Typically lessons are once or twice a week and each can be for one or two hours at a time. More intensive sessions are also possible. Social – Business – Academic – or moving to live in Italy: Whatever your need and interest we tailor our courses so that they focus on the right language topics for you.

GCSE and A Level students

Individual coaching to supplement lessons in school can dramatically improve exam success. Many students have benefited from our expert help to turn a potential fail into an A-grade result. Our tutors can give the time and attention to identify and dispel learning blocks and renew students’ motivation – the advantage of individual attention that is not possible in a large school class. Don’t let the opportunity pass to get a good exam result – failure now will have life-long effects.

EuroMondiale Language Centre provides Italian tuition across the UK from our base in Bishops Stortford.  

Do call us now on 01279 504429 and talk about your ambitions.