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Good languages results are essential for universities and the future world of work.

Extra tuition in French, German, Italian or Spanish will boost confidence and school results.

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  • French tutor
  • German tutor
  • Italian tutor
  • Spanish tutor

Which do you want?

  • French tutor
  • German tutor
  • Italian tutor
  • Spanish tutor

School Lessons plus Tutor Support

School lessons are designed to cover the whole syllabus and prepare you for the exams.  They give regular opportunities to test your knowledge and progress.  The timetabled hours are your most valuable resource.

But what happens if you feel you are slipping behind?

This can be for a wide variety of reasons and often a little focused, personal support is all you need.  That’s where your Language Tutor comes in.  We can spend time with you outside of the school day – targeted time that isn’t possible during a normal class lesson.  We can go back over stuff “that you ought to have learned” without any sense of criticism.  We know that people do not learn in straight lines – they need to go back and around and revisit, often thinking about things differently.  That is because we know that people learn in different ways and often need a tutor to find the right channel to open up their understanding.

Learn to love languages

Yes, it’s possible!  Although you may perhaps be struggling now, once you have cracked the code and started to succeed it is highly likely that your Tutor’s enthusiasm will start to rub off.  What could be better than being able to visit friends in other countries and join with them in their world too?

Passport to a great job

A recent survey showed that 78% of employers value foreign language skills.  The world of work is international now.  Don’t leave all the good jobs to others like those from other European countries who have learned at least two languages well.

The way to success

Yes You Can!

Learning a language is not as difficult as it may seem.  You may just need a little help to fill in some gaps or make sense of what you are being told at school.  EuroMondiale tutors are expert in helping unblock the learning process.

Great grades are within reach.

Many of our students have gone from a predicted “C if you’re lucky” to a comfortable A.

Spanish tutors help make learning fun

A little help goes a long way

Individual Coaching

Take an hour a week with your tutor working on the things that seem harder at school. Build your confidence speaking or your accuracy in writing; work on a particular assignment or get to grips with that “grammar monster”!   In these 1:1 sessions you will be able to focus on your specific issues.   You will be amazed at how quickly your results improve – you may surprise your school teacher too!

Small Tutorial Groups

Join a group of up to four others to work on the areas that are causing difficulty.  Learning with others can be less pressured and you will benefit from the questions that your colleagues bring up.  All the members of each Tutorial Group will be working towards the same exam – you will all be at about the same level – some stronger in some areas than others, perhaps, but all keen to learn.

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