Terms and Conditions

Flexible Monthly Membership

This Membership category is on a rolling monthly contract with automatic renewal. To cancel or pause this Membership only a full calendar month’s notice is required.

An additional benefit of this membership is that when students expect to be away and tell us in writing before the end of the previous month, we will not charge for up to a total of 3 lessons of absences (Unpaid Absences) per academic year for clients taking one lesson per week. This is, of course, in addition to any times when the class is not running. For clients taking more than one lesson per week we make individual arrangements. Please email us as soon as you know when you will be away. There is no refund for absences that have not been made known to us before the end of the previous month.
Of course, sometimes it is not possible for you to get to your class because of an occasional or unplanned event. In that case, please can you let your tutor know directly as much in advance as possible so that we do not wait for you.

We prefer payment by bank transfer.  We also accept payment by card  by agreement.  To avoid any surprises and make it easier for you to manage finances, we will send out an email  before the end of each month to let you know how much will be charged for the following month – this allows for the slight calendar variation in the number of lessons each month.

Cancellation of Monthly Membership

As we provide language lessons on a rolling monthly contract, if you wish to pause or terminate your lessons for any reason you need to give us a month’s notice in writing. When this happens we will charge you for a full month’s lessons at the end of the current month. Please note that if you are not able to come to the final month’s lessons, you will still need to pay.

Please note the unpaid absences concession is not applicable during the notice period.

Individual Coaching

We are happy to arrange individual lessons with our tutors, either as a top-up to class sessions, or as the primary learning context.  The advantages of these sessions includes a complete focus on your learning needs as well as the ability to arrange the sessions to fit your schedule (within reason).

For these 1:1 sessions we invoice in advance for the first four and then monthly in arrears for what you have had.

An alternative arrangement is for you to buy a batch of hours to be used as you wish, in arrangement with your tutor.  When that is coming to an end, we will bill you for another batch unless you have told us that you wish to stop at least one week before the end of the current batch.

We require 48 hours’ notice of cancellation or rearrangement to avoid the session being chargeable.

Cancellation at the start

In the event that a Member discovers in the first lesson that the level or style of the class is not what they want we will give a full refund provided that we are informed within 7 days of the first lesson.

Level Assessment          

For some languages, especially English, we offer a Level Assessment that is designed to enable an informed decision to be made by the prospective student and EuroMondiale about the best class for the student.  It does not provide a formal statement of competence.

Exams and Course Certificates

EuroMondiale offers some classes that prepare Members for external examinations.  We will suggest Exam Centres that the Member may book into at their own expense.  We have an enviable record of success but offer no guarantees.

When requested we provide Certificates of Attendance or Completion at our courses.

EuroMondiale Language Centre (EuroMondiale) makes every effort to provide a broad content offering. For this reason EuroMondiale reserves the right to modify the range, level, approach, price and timing of classes without notice.  EuroMondiale has the right to cancel any class that has not met minimal class number criteria. All fees paid for such cancelled classes will be refunded, including registration