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China - a growing marketplace
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Although there may be more English speakers in China than the population of the USA, the world cannot afford to be unable to speak Chinese.  To be able to work with people from the largest country in the world we have to understand their culture and converse in their language.  Mandarin is the official language for all of China.  If you are buying, selling or simply travelling in China make sure you have learned at least some of the language – it is not as difficult as it looks!

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Whatever your level EuroMondiale courses will take you to the next stage.

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Whatever your need and interest our lessons can focus on the right language topics for you.

Choose between Individual tuition and Small Group tuition

The quality of teaching is the same – what changes is the amount of personal attention.

Part-time Chinese lessons are designed for busy people who need to combine improving their language whilst also doing a job or running a home.

Individual Lessons are arranged to fit in with your schedule. Typically lessons are once or twice a week and each can be for one or two hours at a time. More intensive sessions are also possible. Contact us to discuss your objectives.

Group lessons for a maximum of eight people with similar existing levels of skill. This could be an in-company group which is a cost-effective and supportive way of increasing the quality of communication in your organisation and an essential component in any plans of expand your business with China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, or Singapore.

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