Better Business English = Better Job.

  • Are you doing the job you really want to do?  Is your level of English holding you back?

  • Do your colleagues properly understand what you want to say?

  • Are your presentations and meeting skills up to the mark?

English for Work

Are you only just getting by now?

Most of the time your colleagues understand you and you know what they want you to do.  But you find it harder to talk about more complicated things and ideas.  Is it hard to persuade others about things that matter to you?  Sometimes you notice that other people get the interesting assignments or are chosen to make the key presentations.

It is likely that people do not correct your English – they accept that you just don’t know how to say it. At the same time they are mentally judging what they think about you – they are unconsciously saying to themselves that you cannot rise higher in the company; you cannot do a more important job.

Communication is the most important skill for work.

The ability to understand, to influence, to lead, to sell ideas, to motivate or control colleagues, to contribute to decisions – all require high level communication skills.  In much of the world this also means the same high level of ability in English.


Achieve an internationally recognised qualification in English

FCE,  or BEC